A Tale of Two Cities

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They tell you when you’re younger to go to a college far far away from your home.

“You want to grow up independent” “You want to experience life without your family close by”. For some this may be true, but growing up with your family being your best friends, leaving home is hard.

I am 9 hours from my dad and step mom and twenty something from my mom and grandparents. Yes, it was fun at first, experiencing life without my parents, feeling like I had no rules, but after awhile you learn to miss it.

You go to college, get a job, and you no longer can go home. The moments away from home turn into memories not made with your family. Christmas, Thanksgiving, your birthday, spent away at school.

My tale of two cities is not a good one. For I wish to be home, but also enjoying my time at school, this is difficult of course and I’m left with the question wether I should go to another college closer to them or continue to go to my school and miss more holidays and celebrations with them.

This decision becomes harder and harder, but for now they all know, my heart is with them, wherever I decide to go.



  1. lifelessons · November 21, 2015

    Nine hours isn’t very far to go home for Xmas, surely. Don’t they give you a week off? Hope your college experience is good enough to overcome your missing your family!!


    • amlamp · November 21, 2015

      I work in retail so they are giving me one day off from work, and leaving on christmas eve is almost $700. SO, I don’t know if it’s worth it to spend that much for one day.
      But thank you!


      • lifelessons · November 21, 2015

        Ah…I didn’t take work into account. It is hard to be away from family on holidays!!! So sorry.


  2. anndelize · November 22, 2015

    Life can be tough, and I feel for you in your situation. If it is any consolation I’m certain that your family miss you as much as what you miss them. As a parent I understand how difficult it is to let go, I never considered how difficult it might be for our young fledglings too. Here’s wishing you solace during your studies so far from home.


  3. Dewey Maltsburger · November 26, 2015

    Remember honey, no mater where you live you can always come home.Close your eyes and remember all the good times you had at my house. Your room is still the same. You want to come to G Paws I will bring you hear any time, no matter what. Love you


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