The Boy In College

Dear young me,

Your first breakup will be the hardest. You will lay in bed, crying for days because you built your life around him and when he leaves you, you’ll think this is it. There is no one out there for you.

But it gets better with time.

Your future boyfriend will treat you right. He will remind you how beautiful you are, not point our your flaws and compare you to others.He will ask about your day and really mean it. He’ll show you off to all his friends and brag about everything you do for him. He’ll let you have your moods, then remind you he loves you.

It gets better.

He’ll take you to meet his family and they will treat you like they have known you forever. He will laugh at all your jokes (that aren’t that funny). He will take a million pictures with you until you finally like one. He will let you put your cold feet on him at night, just to keep you warm.

He won’t give up. He’ll be there for you. He will treat you like the princess you are. I promise.

Don’t give up on love just because that one boy in high school broke your heart. Don’t give up on love because there is someone out there willing to pick up every piece of your heart and break down every wall you’ve built up because someone hurt you. There’s someone out there who will treat you right because the thought of losing you kills him. He will love you and you will love him, more than anything.

Don’t give up. Love is hard, but it gets better.


Your future self